Major Economists Polled…THIS Is Who They Say Should Be President, SURPRISING!

A majority of business economists polled said they believe Hillary Clinton would be the best choice to oversee the U.S. economy as president, according to a new survey from the National Association of Business Economics.

The organization surveyed 414 of its members at the end of July and found that nearly 55% believe the Democratic nominee would best handle the economy. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson came in second with 15%, and an additional 15% of surveyed economists replied “don’t know” or “no opinion.” Republican nominee Donald Trump finished behind Johnson, with 14% of economists saying he’d do the “best job.”

Additionally, 65% of the economists disagreed with Trump’s protectionist economic proposals, saying that U.S. trade policy should be “more open/free,” and 64% supported a program to legalize undocumented workers currently living in the United States—a policy completely at odds with Trump’s aggressively anti-immigration positions.

So basically, Trump came in dead last…behind “don’t know” and “no opinion”.

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