Mike Pence HUMILATES Trump On LIVE TV, Trump Campaign SCRAMBLING TO Cover Up!

I really never thought I would utter a good word about Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, but here we go.

Mike Pence appeared Fox News, and when host Ainsley Earhardt asked Pence about Trump’s boast that he’ll have 95 percent of the black vote in 2020, Pence broke out into laughter.

Earhardt mentioned how “Donald Trump is telling the African-American community ‘I am the guy for you,’ and he says by 2020 he’s going to have 95% of the African-American support.” Pence chuckled in response, prompting Earhardt to ask, “Why are you laughing?” Pence then immediately deflected: “Well, that’s Donald Trump. Look, he has a heart for every American. And also he’s a truth teller. He speaks the truth. It’s been the failed policies of Democratic politicians that have harmed people living in the cities in this country now for generations… [A]nd his optimistic view about the 2020 when he’s running for re-election, that’s pure Donald Trump.”


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