Trump Is SCREWING Over His Donors, And Here’s PROOF

Oh Donald…a tiger can’t change its stripes.

Donald Trump’s campaign is now spending more on rent as it transitions to the general election…which happens to coincide with when he started receiving outside donations.

According to FEC filings, Trump’s rent at his campaign headquarters in Trump Towers went from about $35,000 to almost $170,000 between April and July of this year.

The Trump campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC $35,457 for rent in April. In May, the rent jumped to $72,800, and in June it was up again to $110,684. By July, Trump’s campaign paid $169,758.

A campaign spokesperson said the increase was due to an expansion of the space they occupy in the building, saying, “We calculated the rent based on the average rent per square foot in the area. The campaign expanded from part of a single floor by adding the entirety of two separate floors.”

However…during this time, Trump didn’t gain any additional staff…in fact his staff DECREASED. So apparently he needs more space, for less people. Or, he is just paying himself more using donor funds. I am guessing it’s the latter.

A Trump spokesperson said that they “still pay over $40,000 less in rent than the Clinton campaign.” Clinton’s campaign headquarters takes up two floors of a Brooklyn office building and pays $211,750 per month, according to FEC filings.

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