Trump Says He Is NOT Sexist, But Guess What He Wanted Ex-Wife Marla Maples Do?

Donald Trump has repeatedly said he is not sexist, despite calling women pigs, attributing their behavior to their menstrual cycles, and owning the Miss Universe pageant. However, some of his behavior while married to Marla Maples, shows he is just as sexist as you think.

Marla Maples was Trump’s second wife, and has chosen to remain very quiet while her ex runs for president. I am guessing there is a lot of money and an iron-clad legal agreement behind that.

Trump and Maples relationship began in the late 1980’s, notably while Trump was still married to his first wife, Ivana Trump. After meeting Maples, Trump was apparently very impressed by Maples beauty, and enjoyed showing her off.

“He had taken to unfurling a giant poster of her and showing it to businessmen,” wrote Wayne Barrett in his 1991 book, Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth. “He had even run the risk in 1988 of storing her furniture and other personal items with the storage company Ivana and he used for the Trump Tower apartment during its second reconstruction. She was the heart of his double life, and he began slipping off to see her in the middle of his workday, even ducking key staff meetings.”

A 1990 Vanity Fair article confirmed the poster anecdote, adding that Trump said, “The model personally gave [the poster] to me.”

The “poster” is such clear-cut evidence of a man who is profoundly, pathologically insecure. Can you imagine someone pulling out a poster of their girlfriend/wife at a meeting? It’s just another layer to the glass ceiling; why promote women, you can’t break out that poster with a businesswoman!

But that’s not it…guess what Trump wanted Marla to do?

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