Fox News Anchor DEFIES Network, Admits Donald Trump Is A RACIST, Trump Goes INSANE! (VIDEO)

I have always liked Shepard Smith, despite the network he works for. Now I like him even more.

Immediately following Hillary Clinton’s strongly-worded repudiation of Donald Trump and the “alt-right” movement behind his candidacy in Reno, Nevada on Thursday afternoon, Smith suggested it will be difficult for Trump to escape the charge that he is fundamentally a “racist.”

Smith went on to note, “The problem with any attempt to rebut her is that in this case she used Donald Trump’s own words, was historically accurate on his policies, on all reviewed points.” When his guest, Wall Street Journal reporter James Grimaldi, predicted Trump will respond by “trading in hyperbole,” Smith asked, “He trades in racism, doesn’t he?” Grimaldi declined to answer that particular charge, saying he would “leave that up to the commentators.”

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