REPORT: Trump In FREE FALL, Doesn’t Want To Leave His Apartment (DETAILS)

In an interview with Business Insider, third-party candidate Evan McMullin said Donald Trump is “fragile” candidate who’s inconsolable over his equally “fragile” presidential campaign.

McMullin addressed Trump’s recent campaign staff shake-ups and his apparent immigration flip-flopping. McMullin said that these were certain signs that Trump is shaking under his own campaign’s weight as polls still show Hillary Clinton with the upper hand on him:

McMullin said:

“I’m hearing from people inside his campaign that there are times now when he hides in his apartment and doesn’t meet with any people. When he campaigns he goes out to a place he has to fly back home to New York. This is a fragile man and a fragile campaign and I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen in the days and weeks ahead of him. I’m not sure the [Republican National Committee] can continue to support him given his weakness as a man and as a politician and as a candidate for the presidency.”

McMullin said that all of Trump’s recent changes, such as the teleprompter speeches, political backtracking, and replacing his campaign manager (again), is proof that he’s in a state of desperation.

WATCH: (Start around 9:00)

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