BREAKING: Top Fox New Anchor May Be Out Due To Support Of Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

I think it’s fair to say Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump don’t have the best relationship. After Kelly moderated one of the Republican debates, she asked Trump some tough questions, and Trump then refused to participate in any debate that she moderated.

They somewhat made up in a prime-time Megyn Kelly special, but it’s obvious there is no love lost.

Fox News is going full steam ahead for Trump, even though Trump lover Roger Ailes is gone. And the rumor is that the brass is not happy with Kelly and her constant criticisim of Trump, and love of Hillary Clinton.

Plus, Megyn Kelly has insinuated that she was sexually harrassed by former chief Roger Ailes.

Kelly’s contract is up at the end of the year, and it is looking like the blonde beauty might be heading to CNN or MSNBC.


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