HOLY SMOKES: Son Of RFK Absolutely DESTROYS Trump In Glorious Interview [READ IT HERE]

Robert Kennedy Jr., the son of slain Senator and Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy, has some words for Donald Trump, and they aren’t pretty.

Kennedy said:

I think Donald Trump is dangerous, and he’s deceptive, and he’s a demagogue. I don’t think it should surprise anybody to see how well he’s doing, because that kind of demagoguery is formulaic, and it’s easy. There are buttons that you can push, of bigotry and xenophobia and prejudice and anger and self-interest and nationalism—false patriotism.

Look at what happened in 1972: a large percentage of the people who supported my father in 1968, a very idealistic campaign, switched to support not George McGovern but George Wallace in 1972, and what that illustrates [is] that every person, like every nation, has a lighter side and a darker side. The easy thing is to appeal to bigotry and anger and fear; and it’s much more difficult to appeal to our lighter angels, to get us to transcend our narrow self-interest and see ourselves as part of the community and inspire people to make sacrifices and take risks in their own lives, to contribute to the welfare of our nation, and to look beyond the horizon and try to compel our country to live up to her ideals, her great ideals.

It’s much easier to see America as a place where you come to make a big pile for yourself and whoever buys the most stuff wins. That we have to fight off people who don’t look like us, or who don’t love like us, or whatever—who are different. And I think those are the dark angels that Donald Trump appeals to, and I very much hope that his campaign of hatred dies on the vine. It’s not surprising, because those are the passions that the Republican Party has been stirring—those kind of hatreds in the service, of course, of other interests. And Trump is actually coming out and saying the stuff that they’ve been saying cryptically for all those years with dog-whistle slogans.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Kennedy’s daughter, Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy, posted a photo of a Donald Trump piñata in front of mingling family and friends at the family’s Hyannis Port compound.

“It’s yuge party!” she captioned the picture on Instagram shortly before 11 a.m. Monday.


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