Obama Has BAD NEWS For The GOP, Repubicans SCRAMBLING For Excuses

The Republican Party has done everything in their power to obstruct President Obama’s ability to take action during his two terms. Despite this, America’s first black president has managed to pull through some pretty impressive stuff in his 8 years. With his popularity climbing to record levels, it looks like the American people are finally giving him his due respect.

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Obama has a 52% approval rating. What’s more, this is up from January, when the POTUS was enjoying a 50% approval rating, his highest since he took office. It also marks the third consecutive poll where he’s got a majority approval from the American people, and the fourth where he’s shown a gain in popularity. According to The Hill, this is the best that America has felt about him since 2012.

Contrasting that with other modern presidents, you have Reagan with 48% approval and George W. Bush with 30%.

Think about that…conservatives still believe Bush can do no wrong, and yet when he left office, he had an approval rating of just 30%. And here we have Obama with a strong 52%.

Guess Obama is doing a better job than the GOP wants to admit!

This will only help Hillary once Obama goes on the road for her, which will be beginning in September.

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