Donald Trump REFUSES To Release Medical Records, Could This Be Why?

Donald Trump will not release his medical records, instead releasing a letter that seems like it was written by Trump himself:


The Clinton campaign is asking Trump to release the same amount of medical records that Clinton has. Clinton’s top strategist, Joel Benenson said, “I think Donald Trump ought to start by putting out his health records, as extensive as Hillary Clinton’s. Her doctor put out four times as much information as Donald Trump’s,” Benenson added, referring to voluntary health disclosures candidates made last year.

So if Trump is indeed “healthier than any person ever elected to the presidency”, why won’t he release his records?

According to a SPY Magazine report in 1992, Trump takes amphetamine-like pills. In addition, in the 1993 Trump biography “Lost Tycoon”, author Harry Hurt attributed a steady stream diet pill habit to “Donald’s mood swings” and “his fits of distemper.”

Per Hurt:

On April 19th, 1982, during the period between his license hearing before the Casino Control Commission and the groundbreaking on the Trump Plaza site in Atlantic City, Donald paid a visit to the midtown Manhattan office of Dr. Joseph Greenberg. According to the doctor’s records, Donald had been recommended by his friend Charles Goldstein, an attorney involved in the Penn Central deals. The ostensible purpose of Donald’s visit was to seek assistance in losing weight. He had gone to the right place. Dr. Greenberg was an endocrinologist who specialized in providing patients with drugs to control obesity…

Donald was so delighted with the results that he started recommending Dr. Greenberg’s treatments to his brother Robert, various friends, and celebrity acquaintances such as Diana Ross. The diet drugs, which he took in pill form, not only curbed his appetite but gave him a feeling of euphoria and unlimited energy. The medical literature warned that some potentially dangerous side effects could result from long-term usage; they included anxiety, insomnia, and delusions of grandeur. According to several Trump Organization insiders, Donald exhibited all these ominous symptoms of diet drug usage, and then some.

“The first thing I would do when I got to the office in the morning,” recalled one former vice-president, “was to go see Norma Foerderer and ask her, ‘Is this a Dr. Greenberg day?’ If she said yes, I would do everything I could to stay out of Donald’s way.”

So, The Donald could be hyped up on speed, which wouldn’t be surprising considering how he acts.

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