NEWS ALERT: Lester Holt Gets DEVASTATING News After Moderating The Clinton-Trump Debate [DETAILS]

Monday night’s debate was a clear victory for Hillary Clinton, and yet, many are blaming the moderator, NBC’s Lester Holt, for Donald Trump’s failure at the debate. Holt came out fairly for both candidates, asking equally difficult questions to both candidates.

However, Holt is taking a lot of heat from those on the right and the left, and he’s being accused of being biased towards Hillary Clinton, asking her easier questions, and lobbing the toughest questions to Trump. Some have gone as far as saying Holt shouldn’t moderate any more debates in the future.

The main complaints were:

1. Holt attacking Trump on his tax returns. Trump was questioned about his “business conflicts” while Hillary got a slide on emails, her hidden speeches and Clinton Foundation business conflicts.

2. Holt asked about Trump’s “birther” controversy, a question that lasted longer than Clinton’s email answer. He then added three separate follow-ups to jam up Trump.

3. Holt hammered Trump for supporting the Iraq War, downplaying how Hillary had voted to do the same.

Here’s the thing. Holt is a registered republican. If he was slightly tougher on Trump, that was probably because Trump wouldn’t stop interrupting, and he refused to stay on message.

Do you think Holt deserves all the heat he is receiving?

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