Guess How Donald Trump Is Preparing For The Presidential Debates?

The first presidential debate is on September 26th at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, NY, and I cannot wait! I am sure the Hillary campaign is excited as well.

Debate prep is an art. Candidates prep for weeks, sometimes months for these debates, and they are not to be taken lightly. But, that is just what Donald Trump is doing.

Trump basically feels that he won all the primary debates by being himself, and doing the same in the general election debates should yield the same result. Makes a little sense, right?

Well, no.

Presidential debates, unlike primary debates against a half-dozen opponents, are long and intricate affairs, with the debaters expected to have a deep understanding of policy minutiae. Trump does not have that.

Trump campaign staffers have put together briefing books, The Washington Post reports, but the candidate has hardly looked at them. “I believe you can prep too much for those things,” Trump recently told The New York Times, suggesting that reviewing policy or conducting mock debates might jeopardize his blustery authenticity. “It can be dangerous. You can sound scripted or phony—like you’re trying to be someone you’re not.”

Instead of prepping the traditional way, Trump has spent his time working on one-line zingers with allies like former Fox executive Roger Ailes—who helped Ronald Reagan come up with his own legendary debate one-liners—and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Trump and friends reportedly gathered for the Sunday joke-writing sessions over bacon cheeseburgers and hot dogs at Trump’s New Jersey golf course.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, doesn’t plan on losing these debates. She is reportedly taking a characteristically multi-disciplinary approach to preparing for their three debates (there is also one vice-presidential debate), pouring over policy briefings, consulting experts in psychology about her opponent’s state of mind, and grilling his former ghostwriter for firsthand knowledge about his temperament.

You know that going into these debates Hillary will be like:

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