New Poll Shows HORRIBLE News For Trump, Signals Election Could Be OVER

It looks like a lot of republicans are wishing they hadn’t voted for Trump in the primaries!

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll released on Monday shows that 54% of Republican and GOP-leaning voters believe Trump isn’t the best choice as the party’s nominee, while 35% are satisfied with Trump as the party’s standard-bearer. There’s a jump in dissatisfaction since the same poll in June, which at the time found that 44 percent believe Trump was the best option, while another 44% didn’t.

Trump was one of 17 Republican candidates running for president. When asked whom they’d like to win in a primary do-over, 29% of those selected Trump, 15% picked Ted Cruz, 14% chose Marco Rubio, and several other names received less than 10% each.

On the other side of aisle, 56% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters are content with Hillary Clinton as their party’s nominee, while 32% believe there’s a better option. This is up by 3% since the same poll in June.

Forty-seven percent of those voters would still pick Clinton if the primary was held again, but Bernie Sanders was close at 42 percent. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley trailed far behind at 3 percent.

The poll was conducted Aug. 24-25 and 1,000 adults completed interviews.

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