Desperate Donald Is Flying To Mexico To Meet Mexican President Before Giving His Big Immigration Speech Today

Looks like The Donald is desperate!

Trump is considering a last-minute flight to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday, just hours before he is expected to announce his full immigration policy, the Washington Post reported late Tuesday.

Those familiar with the possible meeting said security concerns and logistics of the visit are still being worked out by both parties. Pena Nieto had recently invited Trump to visit him, and Trump mulled over the invitation over the weekend and decided to go ahead with it after his new campaign chairman, Steve Bannon, told his boss the move could indicate to undecided voters that he is open to a middle ground, compromise and bipartisanship arrangements.

Trump is scheduled to lay out his full immigration policy during a speech in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday. His campaign had previously planned the message for last week, but rescheduled it, saying Trump was still forming his stance after a meeting with Hispanic leaders.

So basically…he has no idea what his stance is, and is waiting until the very last minute to lay out his immigration plan.

Conservatives are either going to be very happy with his policies (wall, deportation force), or very unhappy (no wall, no deportation force).

Is this is a good idea for Trump?

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