The Two Endorsements Trump DESPERATELY Needed Have REFUSED To Endorse Him

Donald Trump needs foreign policy pros behind him, and he was hoping for the endorsements of Henry Kissinger and George Shultz. But alas, it is not meant to be.

Despite persistent rumors that Henry Kissinger planned to endorse Hillary Clinton (which would have been nice), the former secretary of state announced Friday afternoon that he will not publicly support anyone in the 2016 presidential election.

“We are not making any endorsement in the current presidential election,” Kissinger said in a joint statement with fellow former secretary George Shultz. “We are dedicated to fostering a bipartisan foreign policy, and we will devote ourselves to this effort now and after the election.”

During the Democratic primary race, Clinton repeatedly mentioned her friendship with Kissinger and touted his praise for her tenure as secretary of state—a point of contention during heated debates with main rival Bernie Sanders.

Considering many people see Henry Kissinger as a war criminal, it’s probably best he didn’t endorse Hillary, but I am sure glad he didn’t endorse Trump!

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