Major Texas GOP Lawmaker Has PROOF That Donald Trump Is A Child Rapist, Trump Is DONE! (VIDEO)

Donald Trump did some really shady stuff in the 1980’s and 1990’s, but if true, this is the worst thing he’s done.

A Texas lawmaker is asserting that he has proof Trump is a child rapist, and he wants the world to know about it.

Robert Morrow is the chairman of the Republican Party of Travis County, in the capital city of Austin, Texas.

From the Austin Chronicle:

“Donald Trump’s psychopathy has been on full display on the national political stage for over a year. I want folks to know that Trump is a child rapist and that he is currently being sued in a civil action in NY federal courts for raping, slapping an 13-year-old girl at a Jeffrey Epstein party in 1994. Trump also threatened to murder the girl, now age 35 and a Jane Doe plaintiff, and also murder her family if she ever told how [Trump] sexually abused her.”

So, what is a crazy GOP’er do when he wants to get the word out? He heads to Twitter!

Trump will be headlining an Austin, Texas rally on Thursday, where Morrow plans to carry “Trump is a child rapist” sign.

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