WOW! Mike Pence Makes HUGE Announcement About His And Donald Trump’s Tax Returns (VIDEO)

Wow, could it be true??? We will finally get to see Donald Trump’s tax returns?

Mike Pence told Chuck Todd that both he and Donald Trump will be releasing their tax returns. Todd asked him if it would be easier to attack Hillary Clinton “if you guys were as transparent” with tax returns.

Pence said, “Donald Trump and I are both going to release our tax returns. I’ll release mine in the next week.” Todd asked if Trump’s are coming before election day. Pence said, “We’ll see.”

Pence also said, in reaction to the released FBI notes, that Hillary Clinton is the “most dishonest candidate” for the presidency since Richard Nixon. He said the “frantic effort” by Clinton’s staff to cover things up should settle once and for all that she is disqualified for office.


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