You Haven’t Lived Until You Watch Donald Trump Dance In An African-American Church (VIDEO)

Oh, the pandering is strong with this one. What isn’t strong? Trump’s dancing skills.

For the past few weeks, pundits and the public have wondered why Donald Trump is constantly telling the African American community that he will save them if he becomes president, but has been unwilling to actually visit a black community. Trump famously said to black voters (in front of a white audience), “What do you have to lose”.

So Saturday morning Trump addressed the congregation at the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, and it didn’t go as well as planned. First, the church was only have filled, and second, Trump had a prepared speech and rarely looked up from the podium while he recited the words in front of him. He was also accompanied by Omarosa Manigault, the head of his African-American outreach program.

But the best part of the morning was when Trump tried to dance during the church service. Trump may be “the best” businessman in the history of the world, but a dancer he is not. Also, he looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Like, he would rather be anywhere in the world but that church.

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