Trump Campaign In Turmoil As Trump REFUSES To Pay Staffers

You know how Donald Trump refuses to pay people who don’t do a good job? Well apparently he doesn’t think some of his staffers are doing a very good job, because he isn’t paying them.

Among those who haven’t been paid are former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, California director Tim Clark and communications director Michael Caputo. The campaign had also not been paying two aides who left in June to work for a Trump super-PAC.
Aides in such senior-level positions in presidential campaigns sometimes earn six-figure paychecks. For example, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, earned about $10,000 in July alone.

Kellyanne Conway, a pollster in Trump’s campaign who was recently promoted to campaign manager, wasn’t paid anything the entire month of July.

The campaign has spent just $89.5 million, while Clinton’s campaign has shelled out $268.4 million. Trump often points to his campaign’s frugality as a sign of his efficiency.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that his campaign’s affordability, with his team spending about one-third of what Hillary Clinton has spent, is proof of his business smarts. It’s not clear if the staffers had agreed to work as volunteers or will simply deprived of pay.

And the man is worth $10 Billion dollars?

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