Trump’s Ex-Friend Joe Scarborough Risks Everything, Calls Out Trump In Nasty “F*CK YOU” Letter

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and a former Republican Congressman, was once one of Donald Trump’s biggest allies. His reporting was always favorable, and he seemed to give Trump the benefit of the doubt with his often outlandish statements.

Not anymore.

Scarborough published an op-ed in The Washington Post titled, “The GOP Must Dump Trump”.

Scarborough wrote, “The Muslim ban, the David Duke denial, the “Mexican” judge flap, the draft dodger denigrating John McCain’s military service, the son of privilege attacking an immigrant Gold Star mother and the constant revisionism and lying about past political positions taken are but a few of the lowlights that have punctuated Donald Trump’s chaotic chase for the presidency.

Any one of these offenses would have disqualified any other candidate for president. But the Republican nominee remained competitive against a historically weak Democratic nominee on the promise of bringing radical change and dramatic disruption to Washington.”

Scarborough then calls for the GOP to take action, saying:

“We are in unchartered waters but that does not mean that the way forward is not clear. It is.

1. The Secret Service should interview Donald Trump and ask him to explain his threatening comments.

2. Paul Ryan and every Republican leader should denounce in the strongest terms their GOP nominee suggesting conservatives could find the Supreme Court more favorable to their desires if his political rival was assassinated.

3. Paul Ryan and every Republican leader should revoke their endorsement of Donald Trump. At this point, what else could Trump do that would be worse than implying the positive impact of a political assassination?

4. The Republican Party needs to start examining quickly their options for removing the Republican nominee.

A bloody line has been crossed that cannot be ignored. At long last, Donald Trump has left the Republican Party few options but to act decisively and get this political train wreck off the tracks before something terrible happens.”

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