Donald Trump Made Out With Marla Maples While She Gave Birth, And Other Things You’d NEVER Want To Know

Be prepared to learn things about The Donald that you’d never want to know.

The Daily Beast uncovered an old Lifetime video that detailed the “love affair” between Donald Trump and Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife.

Trump and Maples had a different relationship. Trump cheated on his first wife Ivana, mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, with Maples. Maples famously confronted Ivana while on a skiing vacation in Aspen, saying to Ivana, “I’m Marla and I love your husband. Do you?”

According to The Daily Beast, Trump and Maples “fell in love” not in a nightclub, but in church:

As they tell it, Marla and Donald fell in love not in a hotel bedroom, but under the watchful eye of God at the Marble Collegiate church in Manhattan, the same house of worship that Donald attended with his first wife, Ivana, and their children, the very one where he and Ivana exchanged vows. (Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has argued that the church location makes the presidential hopeful’s adultery more respectable.)

It was during this time that Trump wanted Maples to pose for Playboy Magazine.

Trump openly dated other women while dating Maples, including the future First Lady of France, Carla Bruni:

According to Gwenda Blair’s book, The Trumps, Donald vacillated on whether to reward Marla for her loyalty by giving her what she wanted most: marriage. (Marla had taken to packing a wedding dress when she traveled. “You’ve got to be prepared,” she said.)

Then comes the birth of their daughter Tiffany:

The actual birth of Tiffany is an incredible Donald Trump moment to imagine. An infamous germaphobe and emotional deserted island, Donald was, in 1993, party to the kind of natural birth experience you would guess him to find, well, disgusting. (This is a man who has never seen his current wife use the bathroom.)

Marla took “a spiritual approach to her delivery,” her Ob-GYN told Lifetime. In a candle-filled hospital room, Marla listened to her New Age music and used aromatherapy and massage to ride the waves of her contractions. Marla said she and Donald “did a lot of kissing while I was delivering.” Donald even cut the cord.

Alas, the greatest love America has ever seen was over by 1997, when they divorced. As you would expect, Trump was a jerk, but apparently, so was Maples:

Donald hasn’t held back about the breakup of his marriage with Marla, calling her “selfish” and writing in The Art of the Comeback, “Marla was always wanting me to spend more time with her.” (Marla wasn’t always a saint. According to a 1994 Vanity Fair story: “She taunted him in public for being overweight. She played with the hair on his head, lifting it up and exposing his scalp, and poking fun at his efforts to hide his hair loss. She derided his sexual prowess in front of his friends and associates.”)

When Trump considered running for president in 2000 (under the Reform Party), Maples had some words:

“I will feel it is my duty to tell the American people what he is really like. But I can’t imagine that they would really elect him, would they? His drug is attention. He’s so ego-driven,” she reportedly said.

I will repeat Maples quote…”But I can’t imagine that they would really elect him, would they?”

Would they?

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