Trump Tells UNFORGIVABLE Lie To Supporters, Faces Serious Loss Of Votes (VIDEO)

Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns, and is now saying that no one cares if he does.

Trump said he doesn’t think voters care about his tax returns…which obviously he has not released, despite receiving heavy criticism for bucking a decades-old presidential tradition.

On Good Morning America, Trump said, “As far as my taxes are concerned, the only one that cares is the press, I will tell you. And even the press, I’ll tell you, it’s not a big deal. I think people don’t care.”

Except that is not true. A majority of voters think it’s either very important or somewhat important for candidates to release their returns, according to a new Monmouth University poll published last week.

Seated beside Trump during the interview, Mike Pence said he will release his own tax returns this week, saying, “I’m releasing my tax returns, Donald Trump will release his tax returns. I’ll give mine to y’all this week, and he’s going to provide his after a routine audit is done.”

No one really cares about Pence’s tax returns. I am pretty sure he is telling the truth when he says they are pretty boring, as it’s clear Pence has been in public service for along time, and hasn’t used his position to gain wealth.

Trump has repeatedly said he will release his tax returns after the IRS completes a “routine audit,” but his campaign has also said that might not be before the November election. Remember, there is absolutely no reason Trump cannot release his taxes…no IRS regulation that states tax returns under audit cannot be shred. Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, both released their tax returns in early August.

“When the audit is done, I’ll release them,” Trump said in Monday’s interview. “I don’t know when that’s gonna be, it could be soon, it could be not.”


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