WATCH: BRILLIANT New Hillary Clinton Ad BURNS Trump on Comments About Veterans (VIDEO)

The Clinton campaign has released a devastating new attack ad against Donald Trump, an ad which features the Clinton campaign’s most lethal weapon: Donald Trump.

Titled “Sacrifice,” the ad is similar to the highly successful “Role Models” ad, and features disabled veterans like former Senator Max Cleland watching Trump on TV as he does things like disparage John McCain and list the “sacrifices” that came to mind when he was asked about his feud with Gold Star father Khizr Khan.

Those comments, especially the ones about John McCain, didn’t hurt Trump with the base of his Republican primary electorate, but with the general election campaign in full swing, the Clinton campaign is obviously hoping they find a new, less receptive audience in a general electorate that may not have been paying much attention until now.

According to the Clinton campaign, the 30-second ad “will run on cable and in OH, FL, IA, NV and PA.”


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