JUST IN: Senate Moves To Investigate Trump For Immigration Fraud

Senator Barbara Boxer of California has been in Congress for over 30 years, and she knows a bullish*t artist when she sees one. So, she has sent a letter requesting federal authorities in Homeland Security to investigate Trump Model Management for alleged labor and immigration violations, in the wake of a Mother Jones investigation of the company.

From Mother Jones:

Three former Trump models, all non-US citizens, told Mother Jones they worked for the GOP nominee’s agency while on tourist visas. Immigration laws require employers to seek work authorization for any foreigner they hire. Financial and immigration records included in a recent lawsuit filed by a fourth former Trump model indicate that she also worked for Trump’s agency without a proper visa.

“I am extremely concerned by the claims levied against Trump Model Management and ask that you open an investigation into the company’s employment practices,” Boxer wrote in a Wednesday letter to León Rodríguez, the director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Mother Jones also adds that during their investigation, they found that the Trump models said they were charged exorbitant rent to bunk with other Trump models in cramped, dormitory-style quarters while competing for coveted work visas. Those who didn’t make the cut were sent home—but not until after rent and other fees were deducted from their Trump Model Management earnings.

Here is Senator Boxer’s letter to the Director of U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Leon Rodriguez.


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