Trump Caught In MAJOR Lie, Admits He Could Release Taxes ANYTIME (VIDEO)

So, remember that audit that Donald Trump uses as an excuse for why he can’t release his taxes? Well, Trump basically admitted that was a lie.

Trump appeared on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly, and said, “I am under a routine audit, and when it’s completed I will release my returns.”

Trump then continued, “In the meantime, she has 33,000 emails that she deleted. When is she going to release her emails? She probably knows how to find [them]. Let her release her emails and I’ll release my tax returns immediately.

Trump is referring to Hillary Clinton’s personal emails, which are well and truly gone, and which she shouldn’t release anyway. Nobody should release their personal emails to the public. So Trump knows he’ll never have to make good on this promise.

Nevertheless, he’s willing to release his taxes if he can get some advantage out of it…the audit isn’t what’s stopping him at all. He is just lying about the audit, and everyone knows it.

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