Eric Trump Details Donald Trump’s Debate Preparation, Is Laughed Out Of Room

Donald Trump’s son Eric (our least favorite Trump) told Fox News this week that his dad does have a plan to prepare for the upcoming presidential debates. According to Eric, his dad plans to talk to a lot of really smart people.

Eric Trump said, “His way of preparing for a debate is talking to really, really smart people. His way of debating is speaking to those people, the people who are the best and brightest on every respective subject matter and that’s how he debates.”

He also said there is no worry of his dad tiring out, because he’s not an old dying woman, like Hillary (sarcasm):

“The one thing my father doesn’t lack is any sort of stamina. I mean he has more energy than any human being I have ever met in my life. He will go do three, four, five events a day with two or three of those being rallies in front of you know, 20, 30,000 people where he is out there off the cuff with no teleprompter. The one thing the man doesn’t need to worry about, and I have seen this, I think he has more energy than I do and I am in my 30’s, is stamina, I mean he is incredible.”

Eric Trump also made it clear that his father will not be over-preparing and there will be little risk of Teleprompter Trump or an over rehearsed sound byte making an appearance when he faces off against Hillary Clinton for the three debates.

“It’s interesting, I was at every single one of the debates, every single one of the republican primary debates and I would look up at some of the people on stage and obviously I saw this as well when I watched Hillary and Bernie debate but how many of those sound bites were rehearsed 300 times where somebody sat in front of a mirror and they looked out into the crowd and kind of did so with blurred vision and weren’t looking at anybody and remembering a sound bite and threw it out and that’s not who my father is. It’s not who he will ever be.”

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