NBC Brass Responds To Matt Lauer’s BIASED Town Hall, And It Is BRUTAL (VIDEO)

Matt Lauer totally bombed at the NBC Commander-In-Chief Town Hall Wednesday night, and he has received a ton of criticism from fans and critics alike over his clearly biased performance. Now, one report says that his bosses agree with the criticism, and that Matt was #Laueringthebar, as Twitter has deemed it.

CNN’s Brian Stelter is reporting that several high-ranking sources at NBC News “said they hear the criticism and agree with at least some of it.”

One executive, whom Stelter didn’t identify, was particularly blunt, and said the town hall was a “disaster”.

Lauer has been widely criticized for not challenging a number of Donald Trump‘s statements, including his fully debunked claim that he opposed the Iraq War.

One executive assigned the blame for Lauer’s performance to Lauer’s boss and ally, NBC News and MSNBC chairman Andy Lack. According to Stelter, Lack was “intimately involved in the forum planning and execution,” and at least one executive believes Lauer’s performance falls on him.


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