Reporter Asks Obama If He Should “Defend His Legacy” Against Trump’s Accusations – Obama’s Response Is PERFECT! (VIDEO)

Man do we love President Obama!

Speaking in Laos on Thursday, President Obama was asked by a reporter if he felt he should defend his legacy, considering the remarks Trump made about him at Wednesday evening’s Town Hall.

Donald Trump said at last night’s ‘Commander-in-Chief forum’ on foreign policy that President Obama’s arrogant ignoring of intelligence has reduced the U.S. general staff to “rubble.”

And Obama’s response was beautiful!

“Hahaha,” Obama laughed. “So do I care to defend— Okay, okay ‘respond,’ got it.”

After laughing, Obama said, “As far as Mr. Trump, I think I have already offered my opinion — I don’t think the guy is qualified to be president. And every time he speaks that opinion is confirmed. And I think the most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow up and ask questions about what appear to be either contradictory, uninformed, or outright wacky ideas.”


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