Trump RUDELY Corrects Veteran At Town Hall…Turns Out He Was Flat Out WRONG (VIDEO)

Donald Trump thought he was being smart when he corrected a veteran on suicide stats, but it turns out he was just as wrong as he usually is.

After a veteran pointed out that 20 veterans die a day from suicide during Wednesday night’s Commander in Chiefs Forum, Trump began his answer to her question by correcting her with an old figure that has since been changed.

“Mr. Trump, I wanted to ask what your plan will be to stop 20 veterans a day from killing themsleves,” said Rachel Fredericks, a Marine veteran and undecided Republican who has lost two friends to suicide and suffers from post-traumatic stress.

“Actually, it’s 22,” Trump said, as Fredericks shook her head.

In July, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported that 20 veterans die every day from suicide. An article in Military Times said the 22 number had been around for years and was considered “problematic.”

But I am guessing his supporters see no problem with Trump correcting a VETERAN with INCORRECT data, right?

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