BREAKING: Trump Gives Interview On Russian-Owned Network TV And SLAMS America (VIDEO)

Ummm…just when I think Donald Trump can’t get any worse, he does.

Donald Trump gave an exclusive interview to Larry King on the Kremlin-owned network Russia Today on Thursday. He commented on the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computer network earlier this year, believed to be sourced back to Russian agents trying to sway the U.S. election.

Trump said, “It’s probably unlikely. Maybe the Democrats are putting that out. Who knows?”

Trump and his campaign have come under fire for the candidate’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as some of his advisers’ work in the country.

Naturally, many observers were left wondering things like, “Why did Trump go on Russia’s state-owned news channel?” Or, “How did they not know how this would go over?” The Trump campaign’s day-after excuses boil down to: “We were duped by one of the world’s most cunning men, Larry King.”


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