New Video Shows The Intricate Details Of Trump’s Combover, You Must See This To Believe It (VIDEO)

It’s well known that Trump’s hair is a bit of an enigma. It seems to stay in one piece, but no one knows how. Last week we learned that bobby pins played a role, but that doesn’t explain the front of his hair.

Well, now the mystery is closer to being solved.

Earlier this week, Trump answered a few questions from the press aboard his campaign plane. Trump spoke from a seated position on his plane, and the angle was not kind to the intricate multi-directional coif that keeps the top of his head covered.

It appears the left side of his hair is first combed to the right…over his head from left to right. And then the front of his hair is combed back over that, to feign the appearance of a full head of hair. I am guessing this is where the bobby pins come into play…to keep that back combover in place while solidifying with hairspray. Then, some of the front hair is brought forward to make the famous puff hairline that Trump is known for.

Here is what I know. Trump must use A LOT of hairspray to keep that hair in place. When I was a kid, my father used a hairspray called Vitalis, and that stuff was like glue. Once sprayed on, that hair wasn’t moving, and good luck getting a comb through it. I am guessing Trump uses something similar, because that hair is not holding itself.

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