OUCH! Rudy Giuliani Gets HAMMERED By Chris Matthews, Rudy LOSES IT On Live TV (VIDEO)

President Obama was born in America, Hawaii to be exact, but many people don’t believe this…and their leader was Donald Trump, who headed up the “birther” movement.

Trump’s shill, former mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani appeared on Chris Matthews show on MSNBC, and Giuliani and Matthews really went at it, with the former mayor totally losing his cool.

Matthews asked, “Mr. Mayor. is the President of the United States legitimate or not? Do you believe it? If you believe it, why doesn’t your candidate state it?”

Giuliani answered, “I believe it. He believes it. We all believe it.”

Matthews then jumped, “He does? Are you speaking for him now? Are you speaking for Donald Trump tonight, on live television? Are you saying for him, I’m saying he’s about to buckle and say finally, that Barack Obama is a legitimate President of the United States?”

Giuliani sputtered and spit nonsense about how Trump “got him to finally produce the birth certificate,” before Chris Matthews had enough of that and shut it straight down, returning to the question of Trump’s birtherism.

“Can you commit to your candidate saying within the next 24 hours that President Obama’s a legitimate president? Can you commit for him that he will say that?,” he pressed.

“He has said it already. and the fact is –”

“No, he hasn’t,” Matthews interrupted. “You are wrong on the facts here, Mr. Mayor.”

After Giuliani once again tried to get back to claiming it was Hillary Clinton who started the rumor, and another back-and-forth with ridiculous claims on Giuliani’s part, Chris had finally had enough.

“Let me tell you, there’s no record at all of that. We checked this before you came on because one of our senior producers thought you might say this, There is absolutely no record ever of Hillary Clinton or anyone in her campaign ever saying that President Obama is not legitimate.”

Ending the interview, Matthews went on. “We are trying to pick the next president, not review the birth of the current president. Thank you, Mayor Rudy Giuliani.”

This is where Rudy lost it entirely, and said something he’s going to wish he hadn’t said.

“Let’s talk about the next president being someone who would be prosecuted if she wasn’t a Clinton.,” Rudy ranted.


I used to have a soft spot for Rudy, not anymore.

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