Trump Campaign Has Put Melania Trump In Hiding, And This is Why [DETAILS]

Normally when campaigning for president, the candidate’s spouse is right there by his or her side. Bill Clinton is on the campaign trail, furiously campaigning for his wife, Hillary Clinton.

But Donald Trump’s wife Melania has seemingly disappeared…and this is why.

According to the Washington Post, it is became the Trump campaign simply doesn’t know what it is doing.

From The Post:

Her long silence followed the fiasco over her convention speech, parts of which turned out to have been plagiarized. Then she took her website down after revelations that there was no record she had obtained a college degree, as her site had claimed. And while the issue of illegal immigration is central to her husband’s platform, neither Melania Trump nor the Trump campaign has produced documentation to prove how the Slovenian immigrant got a visa to work in the United States or how she obtained her green card in 2001. Melania Trump has said she has been “at all times in full compliance” with immigration laws; Donald Trump has said his wife is “so documented.”

Even as the campaign declines to fill in details of her life story, Melania Trump has deployed an attorney to beat back news reports probing her past. Last week, the former fashion model filed a libel suit against a blogger and a British newspaper for reports, since retracted, suggesting that she once worked as an escort.

When the immigration accusations came to light, Trump promised that Melania would hold a press conference to address everyone’s concerns. Well, that never happened, obviously.

The Post continued:

Otherwise, the woman who could oversee a White House staff and command a global platform on behalf of the United States has said almost nothing. A news conference at which her husband promised to address immigration questions has yet to happen. And there is no sign that Melania Trump will play a significant role in the final stretch of her husband’s campaign — a striking departure from tradition in which candidates’ spouses serve as key surrogates in the effort to turn out voters.

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