BREAKING: Trump Executive ADMITS To Immigration Fraud, Trump RUNNING SCARED [DETAILS]

One of Donald Trump’s executives has done what no other executive dared to do…spoke the truth about what goes on behind the scenes at Trump’s many companies…and this one is a doozy.

Trump has built his campaign on immigration reform. He will build a great wall! He will keep the immigrants out! No more foreign workers taking American jobs! Except of course, when those immigrants can make him money.

Despite building his presidential campaign on fears of foreign labor stealing American jobs, Donald Trump’s modeling agency allegedly forced foreign models to work illegally in the United States, often under “sweatshop”-like conditions. And now, one of Trump’s executives has admitted that Trump did indeed hire models who had worked in the United States without proper visas.

After Mother Jones released their investigation into immigration fraud at Trump Model Management, Senator Barbara Boxer asked Congress to launch an investigation into alleged labor and immigration violations at Trump’s company.

Now Ronald Lieberman, executive vice president for management and development at the Trump Organization, has admitted that the immigration fraud happened, but that it happened “many, many years ago,” and as of now, “everything is being done perfectly.”

He said he couldn’t speak to what might have been going on 10 or more years ago without going through company records.

“Every girl has what they need to work,” and if the USCIS does wind up investigating at Boxer’s request, “they’ll find that everything is in compliance,” Lieberman said.

Lieberman concluded, “We run a terrific modeling agency that’s highly respected throughout the modeling industry and we take a lot of pride in the operation and how we treat our girls.”

Sounds like someone is out of a job, and also, is Trump Model Management “highly respected” in the modeling industry? A quick internet search shows they aren’t evening the top ten in NYC, and I didn’t recognize any of the model’s on Trump’s site.

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