NEWS ALERT: Joe Biden Makes Heartbreaking Announcement… Please Pray (VIDEO)

Vice President Joe Biden knows the pain of cancer, as his oldest son Beau Biden died of brain cancer last year at the young age of 46. During his 2016 State of the Union Address, President Obama called on Biden to lead the national Cancer Moonshot initiative and has been pushing for better collaboration between doctors, researchers and scientists.

Speaking with Katie Couric, Biden said, “What I’ve been trying to do is instill a sense of urgency because every day, every minute, every month, it matters to somebody suffering from [cancer], particularly if they have terminal cancer.”

Biden continued, “Sometimes the second year is the hardest.”

And even though Biden had no interest in running for the White House, he won’t be walking off into the sunset in January. “I’m still going to be engaged. I’m not going away,” he said. Hillary’s already asked me if she wins, would I continue running the Moonshot out of the White House.”

Biden also took the time to discuss his concerns about Donald Trump, over his admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin and for his numerous lie, including calling President Obama the founder of ISIS, and denying that he was initially for the war in Iraq.

Biden said, “I spend more time … reassuring heads of state, ‘No, no, no, no, no. Trump doesn’t speak for the United States or the Republican Party.’”


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