President Obama Makes MONUMENTAL And HISTORIC Decision That Has Conservatives FUMING

President Obama has 4 months left in office, and he is NOT letting them go to waste.

Obama made a HISTORIC move that prevent states from defunding Planned Parenthood or any other family planning provider for political reasons.

The new rule, which the Department of Health and Human Services proposed last week, says that states cannot withhold Title X federal family planning money from certain recipients for any reason other than the provider’s “ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner.” That means states can no longer vote to defund Planned Parenthood because some of its clinics offer abortion services.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, said, “This will make a real difference in so many people’s lives. Thanks to the Obama administration, women will still be able to access the birth control they need to plan their families, and the cancer screenings they need to stay healthy.”

Remember, Planned Parenthood offers the following:

Breast exams — 500,000 per year
Sexual Education – Planned Parenthood says it provides sex education to 1.5 million people each year
Pregnancy Prevention and Birth Control – Planned Parenthood says it prevents an estimated 516,000 unintended pregnancies per year
Contraception accounted for 34% of the services it provided, according to a GAO report released in March that looks at data from 2010 through 2012. This includes reversible contraception,emergency contraception, female sterilization procedures, pregnancy tests, prenatal care, and sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment.
Pap smears (cervical cancer screening) — 400,000 per year

And then there is the abortion factor, which accounts for just 3% of the services it provides. 327,653 abortions were performed in 2013, according to Planned Parenthood.

Well, conservatives aren’t taking to Obama’s new rules very well.

“As of now, President Obama has been the most pro-abortion president ever. In fact, he vehemently supports the practice of leaving babies born alive to die. No, seriously. If they ‘don’t just come out limp and dead’ and all, said Obama. Pesky babies struggling to survive with a strong will to live! How dare they?

And the horrific truth is that Hillary Clinton will be even worse than President Obama in that regard, as her anti-women record shows. But, if you need more proof that Hillary Clinton will be the most pro-abortion president ever, even more so than “limp and dead” Barack Obama, take a gander at Planned Parenthood’s Twitter background.”


Hillary Clinton is literally Planned Parenthood’s poster child. Whoops, we mean their poster “clump of cells.”

Sickening. Well, monsters do flock together.”

To be clear, this is all conservative lies, and both President Obama and Hillary Clinton firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose.

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