Trump Is Using 9/11 To Pander To Supporters, But Look At This List Of His Most DESPICABLE 9/11 Tweets

Trump loves to use 9/11 to his advantage. He says he’s a New Yorker, so it affected him more. That he was instrumental in the rebuilding of downtown (he wasn’t), etc.

Remember him saying he saw Muslims cheering when the planes hit?

Or how he stole money from a 9/11 fund meant for small businesses?

Well, the internet is forever, and courtesy of the Daily Beast, here are Trump’s most despicable 9/11 tweets:

10. Trump uses 9/11 to go after libertarian icon Ron Paul and The Donald’s foe Rosie O’Donnell.

9. Here’s Trump tweeting, and approvingly retweeting, about scores of “militant Muslims” in America delighting in the carnage of 9/11.

8. “…all kinds of youtube videos…”

7. Back during the Republican primary, Trump invoked 9/11 repeatedly to attack the Bush family. He “wanted to be nice,” but ended up not:

6. Did you know that Donald Trump predicted the 9/11 plot?

5. There was also when he used 9/11 to bash Obama and the president’s supposed “good friends in Libya and Egypt.”

4. For those searching for an emphatically pro-torture 9/11 tweet…

3. The Infowars link is what makes it.

2. No comment.

1. And finally, never forget:

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