Yes, Hillary Clinton Overheated At The 9/11 Event, But It’s A Non-Issue, And Here’s Why (VIDEO)

This morning Hillary Clinton overheated at a 9/11 event. It was huge news.

Here is Hillary leaving the 9/11 Event:

She went to her daughter, Chelsea Clinton’s, apartment to cool down, and soon she emerged feeling fine.


She even posed for a photo with a little girl!

Remember, it may have only been 80 degrees, but the dew point was over 80 degrees, and east-coasters know that humidity can pretty much kill you. Add in a suit, a bulletproof vest, and thyroid medication, and I can see why she overheated.

I’m also reminded that nearly naked, young healthy models were dropping like flies after standing in the heat at Kayne’s show this week. She’s wearing a full freaking suit. It’s hot. She got overheated.

From Politicus USA:

Republicans are already ginning up the distraction machine to claim that Hillary Clinton getting overheated at a ceremony that according to those present was boiling hot, is a valid reason to disqualify her from being president.

This is simply another attempt by Republicans to distract from the fact that their nominee is unfit for office. Hillary Clinton’s health is not an issue. Donald Trump’s lack of positions on the issues, refusal to disclose information about his finances of health to the American people, frequent lies, and the investigations into Trump’s business practices are all valid issues.

The Hillary got overheated on 9/11 so she can’t be president crowd is trying to create a false equivalency to distract from the fact that there is only one candidate who is qualified to be president in this election, and that candidate is not Donald Trump.

Prepare for days of Republican caused distractions, because when you’re stuck with Donald Trump as your nominee, Hillary Clinton health conspiracy theories are all that the Republican Party has got.

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