Here’s What Conservatives Are Saying About Hillary, DON’T Believe Them, Here’s The TRUTH [DETAILS]

Oh boy are conservatives having a field day with Hillary’s pneumonia!

You can’t go on Facebook without reading about another conspiracy or lie.

First, the DNC is NOT looking to replace Hillary as the democratic candidate for president. In fact, they don’t have the power to do so…even if they wanted to.

There is a video going around, purportedly showing something metal dropping from Hillary’s pant leg as she enters the van…look:

Conservatives are saying it is a part of a metal brace that is used to keep her upright. I mean, is that even a thing?

The next crazy conspiracy is that Hillary has a body double. That double, in fact, was supposedly out and about in the Hillary’s stead yesterday following the pneumonia-related collapse that was seen around the world. Per the theorists, the double allegedly walked out of Chelsea Clinton‘s apartment after the former Secretary of State went inside to recover from her faint.

#HillarysBodyDouble has even been trending on Twitter this morning.


Then the final conspiracy (for now) is that Hillary was convulsing and seizing, and that was why she was lifted into the van.

Maybe I am biased, but no liberal I know is this crazy.

What is wrong with these people??

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