Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia, The Media Must Stop Sensationalizing It, And Here’s Why


I wake up, and the headlines from the major news networks and newspapers are simply unbelievable. Here are some satirical headlines, but trust me, they are not far from the truth:

From Mother Jones:

Washington Post: This makes Clinton’s health a genuine issue.

Charles Krauthammer: She should have told us hours earlier than she did. Is there nothing the Clintons won’t lie about?

Vox: Here’s a pneumonia explainer.

Wall Street Journal: Can Hillary keep up the pace on campaign trail?

Fox News All-Stars: William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia after 32 days in office.

Don Lemon: Is it possible Clinton actually has Ebola?

Time: New focus on Kaine as Clinton struggles with health.

@realDonaldTrump: Hillary tried to hide sickness. But I’ve been warning about her health for months. Need more transparency!

@KatrinaPierson: Doctors say it might actually be cystic fibrosis or lung cancer. Public deserves full medical workup.

@RogerJStoneJr: Hillary has Legionnaires’ disease.

National Enquirer: Hillary Clinton given months to live by docs.

New York Times: Questions raised about Clinton diagnosis.

Facebook News: Trending topics: How long does Hillary have to live?

Politico: Will Clinton recover in time for debate?

Now here’s the thing, pneumonia is a common illness, and antibiotics should get rid of it pretty quickly. Even during a presidential campaign it’s a fairly ordinary kind of story. But the talking heads need more than that to talk about. They need it to be BREAKING NEWS, and they need to show that same video of her being helped into her van over and over again (which we refuse to post again).

On Sunday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer played that video over 40 times in a 10 minute period. 40 times!

Even with pneumonia, Hillary Clinton does more in a day than I do in a week, and I am half her age.

Hillary will be fine, and she will beat Donald Trump handedly.


Let Hillary have her rest Monday and Tuesday (by the way, she is she doing her scheduled events for today and tomorrow, just be teleconference), and she’ll be back better than ever.

As for Trump, he can go suck it, because he doesn’t have a chance in the world of winning this election.

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