New Poll Released After Hillary’s Recent Medical Emergency – Nobody Expected These Results [DETAILS]

A little bout of walking pneumonia can’t stop, won’t stop Hillary!

The latest WaPo/ABC News poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 51-43% in a two-way race. That’s great news for Clinton, but the rest of the poll is even better news.

Asked who they believe will win, Clinton leads by a whopping 58-29%. Historically, this is a pretty predictive indicator.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating is up to 58%, which is good news for the candidate of the same party. Clinton also leads on all four questions about character and all five questions about issues.

Also, 43% of respondents say they support Trump, but only 36% say he’s qualified to serve. This means that 7% of the population plans to vote for him even though they think he’s unqualified to be president. What does that say?



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