Anderson Cooper GRILLS Hillary On Pneumonia And Transparency, But Wasn’t Prepared For THIS! (VIDEO)

You mess with the bull, you get the horns, right?

Hillary Clinton called into CNN tonight and faced questioning from Anderson Cooper over her lack of transparency over her health status and pneumonia diagnosis.

This is her first interview since her “medical episode” yesterday, and Clinton said she’s feeling better and even thought she could continue campaigning.

Cooper pressed her on the specifics of what happened…whether she fainted or passed out in the van…and exactly how many times over the past few years she has experienced serious dehydration and dizziness. Clinton said it’s happened maybe twice, and that getting into the air-conditioned van helped her relax.

Cooper then proceeded to bring up all the criticism that she is not transparent because 1) she didn’t disclose the pneumonia when she got the diagnosis, and 2) it took a few hours yesterday after she got overheated for the campaign to finally disclose it.

Finally Hillary had it with the line of questioning, “Oh my goodness, Anderson.” She proceeded to contrast how transparent she’s been with how transparent Donald Trump has been on his health records.


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