CNN’s Christiane Amanpour CRUSHES Media Over Hillary Coverage, DESTROYS Trump In The Process (VIDEO)

Wow! Don’t p*ss Christiane Amanpour off!

CNN’s Amanpour went on an absolute tirade against the media’s coverage of Hillary Clinton’s health issues, and brought up the obvious difference between how a woman is treated in the media, and how a man is treated.

Amanpour brought up how FDR was in a wheelchair (and the media willingly covered that up), George Bush Sr. throwing up at a State Dinner, and even John F. Kennedy, who had Addison’s Disease.

And she’s right! FDR was able to win World War II in a wheelchair, but Hillary gets a mild case of walking pneumonia and suddenly she’s unfit for office? The woman will be fine within a day or two, and the media coverage is ridiculous.

Watch Amanpour crush the media:

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