President Obama Just Destroyed Trump During Hillary Stump Speech In The Most GLORIOUS Way Ever! (VIDEO)

President Obama is on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, and he appeared in Philadelphia and gave the BEST speech railing against Donald Trump.

Obama began his tirade with, “Do you mind if I just vent for a second?”

And did he ever!

Obama said:

“You don’t grade the presidency on a curve. This is serious business. And when we see folks talking about transparency, we’ve got one candidate in this race who’s released decades worth of her tax returns, the other candidate is the first in decades who refuses to release any at all. You want to debate foundations? One family’s foundation has saved countless lives around the world. The other candidate’s foundation took money other people gave to his foundation and then bought himself a six-foot tall painting of himself. He had the taste to not go for the ten-foot version.”


Then Obama spoke the truth about the economy, saying:

“In fact, some of you may have saw there was a new report out just today showing last year across every age, every race in America incomes rose, and the poverty rate fell. In fact, the typical household income of Americans rose by twenty-eight hundred dollars which is the single biggest one-year increase on record.

We lifted 3.5 million people out of poverty. That’s the largest one-year drop in poverty since 1968. The uninsured rate is the lowest it’s been since they kept records. The pay gap between men and women shrank to the lowest level ever.

Now, let’s fact it, Republicans don’t like to hear good news right now, but it’s important just to understand this is a big deal. More Americans are working. More have health insurance, incomes are rising, poverty is falling, and gas is two dollars a gallon.

I didn’t even. Thanks for reminding me. Gas is two dollars a gallon. Thanks, Obama.”

Agreed! Thanks Obama!


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