BREAKING: Trump Refuses To Release Medical Records, Is This Why? [DETAILS]

What a surprise!

Donald Trump will not release or discuss his medical records when he tapes an interview with celebrity physician Dr. Oz on Wednesday morning, Trump aides said, despite the campaign’s assertion to the contrary in the run-up to the sit-down set to air Thursday.

In the interview, which will occur at 10 a.m., Dr. Oz will not ask Trump about his recent physical or his medical records, but will instead focus on “well-being, being active, and positive thinking.” A senior Trump aide told Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs that the medical records would be released “soon,” however.

In recent days, top Trump staffers and surrogates have lambasted rival Hillary Clinton over her campaign’s delayed disclosure of the fact that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, and have suggested Clinton wouldn’t release detailed health records.

Could this be a reason Trump doesn’t want to delve into his medical past?


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