Harry Reid Delivers The Ultimate BURN To Donald Trump, Trump Is MORTIFIED (WATCH)

Harry Reid, who is 76 and retiring this year after 30 years in the Senate, has nothing to lose so he is calling it like he sees it.

The Senate Democratic Leader ripped Donald Trump on Tuesday for being overweight and eating too much fast food, charging that the media “magnified” Hillary Clinton’s recent bout with pneumonia.

Reid said, “She has pneumonia and, well, you know, it’s curable. She’s off the campaign trail for a few days. She probably needed the rest anyway. So you folks have magnified it.”

He urged reporters to turn their lenses to Trump’s health instead, saying, “Take a look at this character that’s running for president. He complains about her health. What does he do? He’s 70 years old. He’s not slim and trim. He brags about eating fast food every day. Look at his health a little bit.”

Reid’s frustration arose after several days of intense news coverage of Clinton’s illness after she felt ill at a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. She was escorted out and the press pool that covers her was in the dark about her whereabouts and medical condition for several hours.

All aspects of the Democratic presidential nominee’s recent coughing fits, possible fainting spell, and eventual diagnosis of pneumonia were reported above the fold in the major newspapers and treated as “breaking news” on many television networks.
Her campaign’s lack of disclosure and handling of her health woes also have been poked and examined by editorial boards and panels of pundits.

“You’ve all been unfair to Hillary,” Reid complained, further noting that she had “submitted a multiple-page report from a doctor — a good doctor — talking about what medicine she’s on. Pretty thorough.”


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