JUST IN: Donald Trump Just Taped The Dr. Oz Show, Guess What Happened?

Donald Trump will be on the Dr. Oz show on Thursday, and he taped the episode on Wednesday.

As it turns out, he did not bring Dr. Oz his full medical records as promised. Instead he brought a one-page letter from Dr. Bornstein, the same doctor that wrote Trump’s previous ridiculous medical letter.

Dr. Oz really didn’t ask Donald Trump the tough questions about his health. Dr. Oz previously said that he wouldn’t ask Trump “questions he doesn’t want to have answered.”

Dr. Oz said the report looked good, and Trump’s only complaint was that he wanted to lose a few pounds.

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway laid the groundwork for this super-surprising turn of events on Tuesday, saying “I don’t know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy,” even as she argued Hillary Clinton should release more medical information. I guess the “we all” who have a right to privacy includes Donald Trump but not Hillary Clinton.

This was NOT a physical exam. All that happened was Dr. Oz asked questions…and Trump answered. For example, Dr. Oz asked Trump, “how is your cardiovascular health?” And Trump answered, “Great!”

So basically, we will learn nothing and this is just a smokescreen as usual.

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