Malia Obama Caught Breaking The Law Again, And Why I Hate Malia’s Friends (PHOTOS)

Malia Obama has had a tough August!

First Malia was caught “twerking” at Lollapalooza in Chicago, during the Democratic National Convention.

Then she was recorded smoking what appears to be marijuana.

Then, while on vacation with her family in Martha’s Vineyard, she was reportedly pulled from a rowdy party at a friends house.

Now she has been caught on Snapchat playing beer pong, doing something teenagers do. Malia has every right to be a kid.

Here’s the thing…Malia needs better friends. These “friends” that she seems to surround herself with are the typical selfie-loving types who see no problem in posting photos of Malia partaking in what some may consider to be compromising activities.

Now, Malia isn’t on the level of the nefarious Bush twins. But when your friends want to post everything to social media, that’s a problem. It appears these friends don’t have an issue bringing Malia down and will even attempt to sell photos of her to websites or post the most unflattering of photos to social media.

Who knows if President Obama or Michelle Obama care what types of friends their daughter surrounds herself with? I’m going to assume that most of these friends are from the prestigious Sidwell Friends School she attended.

Teens and young adults nowadays need to have a discerning eye when it comes to their so-called friends. Because not every friend has your best interests at heart. And I’m willing to bet that every time one of these Malia-doing-teenage-things photos is posted to a site, one of those so-called friends is sitting back thinking, “Gotcha!”

#MaliaObama going have to start having a no cellphone policy 😩

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