JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Takes Five Medications A Day, Here’s What They Are And Why…

On Wednesday Hillary Clinton’s doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, released a new letter detailing Clinton’s health, and a further explanation of her pneumonia diagnosis.

The letter also detailed the prescriptions Clinton takes, and why:

1. Armour Thyroid – Which is for an under active thyroid (I take the same and I am 1/2 the age of Hillary)
2. Coumadin – Which is a blood thinner (Clinton had suffered blot clots three times as Sec. of State, common for a globetrotter)
3. Levaquin – Which is an antibiotic for her pneumonia, and she will be on it for 10 days
4. Clarinex – Which is a 24-hour lasting antihistamine for allergies (this is now over-the-counter)
5. B12 – Which is obviously a vitamin, and I wouldn’t even consider a prescription. I take a B-Complex daily.

So basically…big whoop!

Clinton’s cholesterol count is 189 (total cholesterol scores are considered best at 200 mg/dL or below) and her blood pressure is 100/70. Which is normal…in fact, it is perfect. I am impressed as if I was campaigning against Donald Trump I am sure my blood pressure would be skyrocketing.

The letter says that Clinton has been evaluated by Bardack several times since she nearly collapsed after becoming overheated, dehydrated and dizzy during a 9/11 memorial event at ground zero on Sunday. (And no, we will not be posting that video of Hillary getting into her van.)

Before the incident, a noncontrast chest CT scan revealed that Clinton had a small right middle-lobe pneumonia, according to Bardack. It is a mild, noncontagious form of the bacterial infection, the doctor wrote.

Dr. Bardack also wrote, “The remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition. She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Excellent mental condition. Again, I am impressed considering the rigors of a presidential campaign. I would be an anxious mess.

I would be interested to know about Donald Trump’s mental health. Especially when this tweet went out, and was immediately deleted:


Maybe that will be Hillary’s October Surprise? (Although, I would never want to criticize someone for seeking help for mental illness, even Donald Trump, but I do think it is important for the voters to be aware, and to allow them to make their own decision.)

What are you thoughts? Is Hillary healthy as a horse?

Let us know in the comments below!

Here is Dr. Bardack’s letter (2 pages):


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