Trump REFUSES To Release His Taxes, Yet Conservatives Are Calling For Hillary Clinton To Release THIS!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, everybody learned on Thursday that Donald Trump purportedly weighs 236 pounds.

Not many people believe him.

And for the record, we do not fat shame, nor do we condone it. That said, Donald Trump has called women “fat pigs”, and Trump had fat-shamed Alicia Machado after she won the Miss Universe pageant and gained weight, allegedly calling her “Miss Piggy” and staging a photo op where she was forced to exercise. So, yes, we might fat shame him.

On Dr. Oz’s show, Trump stated he is 6’3″ and weighs 236 pounds. At 236 pounds, Trump is considered obese. A normal BMI for someone of his height, says the CDC’s BMI calculation, is between 18.5 and 24.9. Above 30 is in the obese range.

Quite a few media outlets reported on Trump’s weight, and why it should be a concern.

The Washington Post ran an opinion piece explaining why voters should care about Trump’s weight, citing a Georgetown University warning on the dangers of obesity. “It is ironic that Trumpkins have made such a to-do about Hillary Clinton’s health,” Jennifer Rubin writes in the piece. “He’s got a real issue that isn’t going to be cured by a couple days of bed rest.”

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid also commented on Trump’s weight before it was actually released, criticizing his eating habits and contrasting Clinton’s “curable” pneumonia with his weight problem. “He’s not slim and trim,” Reid told reporters.

Well, the conservative media is wondering why Trump’s weight is such a big deal, and if it is, shouldn’t Hillary release her weight as well?

From The Daily Caller:

Clinton’s weight, however, was not released by her doctor. And although various celebrity sites have put her weight at somewhere between 130 and 170 pounds over the years, their credibility is dubious at best. The only way to settle the number would be for Clinton to volunteer the information.

If all of these concerns about Trump’s health because of his weight are legitimate, wouldn’t these outlets and journos be clamoring for Clinton to release her weight?



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